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About Somerset Property Trust

Somerset’s business strategy is to own office and flex properties in U.S. East Coast markets where we can achieve critical mass. We target multi-tenanted properties that appeal to tenants with less than full floor user requirements, middle market credits and local or regional businesses.

Key elements of this strategy include:

v  Increased tenant/lease diversification, reducing concentrated tenant rollover risk.

v  Increased profitability and ability to be the low cost provider of World Class Business Environments in the local markets in which we operate.

v  Local market presence ensures the continuity and enhancement of the landlord/tenant business relationship.

v  Prudent tenant underwriting and local market expertise mitigates risk.

In order to capitalize on this strategy Somerset employs a “Boots on the Ground” approach to property ownership highlighted by:

v  On-site leasing and management.

v  Hands on contact with all tenants to produce superior performance and tenant growth and retention.

v  Our historical track record of success executing this strategy.

Somerset Property Trust provides each tenant with a World Class Business Environment. This starts with our pledge to provide our tenants with:

v  Integrity and transparency in our business relationship.

v  Leased space that enhances the corporate image and culture of our tenants and which positively impacts their employees, associates, vendors, clients and customers.

v  Cost effective, state of the art facilities and services courteously delivered by technically competent personnel.

v  Safe, secure work environments that enhance work-place productivity.

v   “Boots on the Ground” coverage of their facility with:

v  Prompt attention to each service request.

v  Cogent, timely communication.

v  Timely and accurate billing for all contractual obligations and service requests.

Our commitment to our tenants reflects our desire to create and maintain a lasting business relationship with each enterprise which we serve. We believe that being the low cost provider of World Class Business Environments will benefit us and our investors as much as it benefits our Tenants. With this premise we hope to build a property company that is the Owner of Choice for America’s tenacious entrepreneurs, their enterprises, employees and associates.

With our commitment to our tenants as the basis of our business model, Somerset Property Trust seeks to provide its investors above average returns through the growth of a small/mid-cap REIT acquiring undervalued, under the radar properties in stable, strong growth markets along the U.S. East Coast.